Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MOSDO - Mister Donut donut burger

Here's one of those "only in Japan" things that I just can't wait to try later this month.

Yes, a donut burger. Just went on sale today!

It's actually not as disgusting as it sounds. It's really just a way for MOS Burger and Mister Donut to cross-promote. It's actually got a clever name - "MOSDO" - which is both a play on Mister Donut's common abbreviation "MisDo" and a way to incorporate MOS Burger into the name. The "burger" itself is made of a donut bun, green tea sauce, green tea whipped cream and a chocolate patty. There's also a strawberry version.

It's basically just a really complicated - and probably super sweet - donut.

Oh, and the fries? Kinda like a churro, but with real potato mixed in. Weird!

It's all being promoted by former Morning Musume members and now just general cuties Nozomi Tsuji and Yaguchi Mari. (Yes, you too can turn being cute into a celebrity career in Japan!)

Here's Tsuji's commercial:

And Mari's:

It's kind of funny how they're both snapping cell phone photos to post on their blogs.

I'm actually intensely annoyed by ads like this in Japan (no offense to the girls). It's a common template: hire some celebrity, then make them act as if you've "surprised" them with your product that everybody already knows about and that you've no doubt told them they were promoting or they wouldn't have agreed to be in the ad. Who does Mister Donut think they're fooling?

Still, I'm jonesing for some donut burger.


  1. wow. the cutesiness. it makes me sort of queasy. but the burger looks like something i'd want to try!

  2. wow. the cutesiness. it makes me sort of queasy. but the burger looks like something i'd want to try!


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