Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Breaking up is hard to do

I'll get right to the point - I'm splitting up this blog.

When I started this thing in 2003, there was still such a thing as a "personal blog". People wrote about the trivia and minutiae of their daily life, and other people read these blogs because publishing stuff continuously on the internet (rather than just having a static site) was kind of a novel concept in the late 90's/early 00's, so nobody realized how boring most personal blogs actually were. It was like an ongoing window into some random person's life - this was a new thing!

But now I along with everyone else just uses Facebook and Twitter to post thoughts and links, although I'm convinced nobody actually reads anything anybody writes on either of those sites, no matter how many followers or friends a person might have. Who cares anymore?

Meanwhile, at some point "blogs" became big and professional and topic-driven, and randomized sites like mine became anachronistic. Engadget, Techcrunch, Deadspin and Huffington Post wrote about something and became top sites on the internet doing it, and they redefined what the word "blog" meant.

I'm a stubborn guy and I held on to the old anarchic and personal ideal of a blog for a long time, but even I don't really know the point of what I'm doing here a lot of the time anymore. I used to get a lot more traffic, and more comments, but I don't think anybody's reading any of this except people who stumble in through Google by chance, after searching for some obscure term like "Japanese crepes harajuku takeshita dori".

I actually mostly write about a few distinct subjects these days. I've linked a couple of these on the sidebar, because I've noticed that a lot of people read those posts but nothing else. So, rather than trying to hold on to some bygone era that even I don't really pay heed to anymore, I'm going to split this sucker up.

It's going to take a while to get things set up, but I'm planning about four distinct blogs - and you can probably figure out what they're going to be just by looking at my last 10 posts or so.

I'll keep this blog for stuff either specifically related to New York or to just random things I feel like posting that don't fit elsewhere. But it's probably going to be a lot less frequently updated. (Not that I update it all that frequently as is.)


  1. Gojira6:43 AM

    you forgot ovation and takamine mini colelction

  2. I just bought the vintage 1460 I hope they fit I'm a 8/12 or 9 I ordered a size 8 I hope they fit. I have a low cut mie size 8 that fit loose and a sandle made in Thailand size 7t hat is just right. You would think that how expensive they are they would have half sizes and better size chart

  3. Billy Beefcaked10:34 PM


    I have been wearing DM's since 1994 and own several "Made in England" pairs and several "Made in China", so I feel I am pretty educated on the differences between the two and the quality between the two.

    I just purchased a MIE pair of 1461's in February because my MIE's I had purchased in the early 2000's soul had finally warn through. Amazingly the leather was still just fine.

    Anyway, the new pair that I have now quality wise are identical but comfort wise CANNOT COMPARE AT ALL. Pure and simple there is no insole in the shoe. I though possibily there was a mistake so I called DM about it, and they confirmed that the souls now are a hard HARD leather plate. You can tap it with your knuckle and it literally sounds like you are tapping a counter top. It blows my mind they are like this and I even said to the lady I spoke to that this is a game changer for me.

    Now over the years I've owned "China DM's" (1460, 5093) and they have been absolutely fantastic shoes. The 5093's I've had since 2005 and are still in great shape. The souls on those are not only 10 times more comfortable than my new Vintage 1461's, but they've held up incredibly well.

    So what did I do about my Vintage 1461's that are very uncomfortable? I just boxed them last week and they will remain there for who knows how long. Hell, maybe I'll donate them to a time capsule or something.

    I just got my brand new pair of 1461's (China, Product Code #11838001) for $110 via Dr. Martens website, and out of the box they are 100 times better than the Vintage 1461's I've been telling you about. For the last week I have absolutely loved my life again and cannot believe the difference between the MIE's and China's now.

    The build and quality of the leather, the soul, the stitching....EVERYTHING is excellent. There is nothing wrong and actually everything RIGHT about the DM's China. I truly believe that the China DM's are superior especially now that I've had a pair of 5093's for 9 years, 1460 brown boots (china) for 4 years, and now these China 1461's......I'll never go "MADE IN ENGLAND" again.

    So there are my 2 cents I hope it helps.

  4. I have several pairs of Doc Martens never worn that I can't find online. Vintage of course but I can't even find the numbers. I have contacted Doc Martens so we'll see just would like a round about price for them.....

  5. MadeinEngland8:48 PM

    I have two pairs of 1490's (both in red, both size 9), one Thai made and the other made in England. I don't care about the political aspects of this question - at all. Here's my thoughts:

    The first, and most obvious difference is the leather. Like others have pointed out, the MIE boot has thicker leather (this is most noticeable at the tongue). But also, the finish on the leather with both of these boots is VERY different. The MIE boot has a duller, sort of a "pebble" finish, while the Thai boot is very slick, sort of "plasticky" as others have pointed out. That isn't a criticism - they are NOT plastic... just very slick.

    As Jeff said, the MIE is slightly smaller in length, but he is wrong about one thing: The MIE is MUCH narrower in the front of the boot. Across the ball area of the foot, my MIE are about 1/4 narrower, and not just the last, but the sole as well. I think that he may have missed this because he went a size up on his MIE's.

    Another thing, and this is the big difference for me, and why I think the MIE boots are actually worth the extra money: The arch support and the stiffness of the heel on the MIE boots are A LOT better on the MIE's. In fact, the MIE feels like a true "orthopedic" shoe, as well as a work boot.

    I'm not saying that the Asian boots are bad (in fact, I just ordered a pair for my daughter), and I can see why some people might prefer them to the MIE's. My take is basically this: The Thai boots are a great bargain (can be found for under $100 on the net), but they seem to be more along the lines of "fashion" boots than "work" boots. Again, I'm not saying that you should automatically decide the MIE's are better, but they are quite different and I prefer them. Just like the difference between a sports car and a 4x4. Which one you want all depends on how you are going to use it. For me, I will only buy the MIE boots in the future, I really love them.

  6. MadeinEngland8:49 PM

    Sorry - I meant to say "1/4 of an INCH" narrower.

  7. If my China made one is perfectly fitted then needed to a size up on MIE's, is that right?


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