Sunday, May 27, 2018

New arrivals including an original IBM PC!

Last weekend, I picked up a huge haul of new-to-me vintage computer equipment, including one of my holy grails - an original IBM 5150 PC. These aren't particularly rare (IBM sold a lot of 'em!) but they are getting hard to find complete with all included documentation, with both a CGA card and the 5153 CGA monitor, in good condition and at a reasonable price. Out of all those things, you can normally pick two. I held out and finally found one with everything, along with a few bonuses that I didn't know until I took it home and cracked it open! (Watch the video for more on this.)

I'll be featuring this IBM PC in several more videos - I'm planning a history of the IBM PC, then a review of the computer itself, and a comparison between the Model M and Model F keyboards (fight!), the legendary slabs of beige typing goodness that remain among the most beloved boards for hardcore key clickers (like myself).

Also included in this haul are a full Atari 800 setup, and a mystery box of what the seller just termed "Atari games" but which turned out to be pretty interesting too.

Interestingly, these items were part of the Warner Communications Videotex tests of the early 1980's - the seller was one of the executives at the company at the time they owned Atari. They had some ideas that were way ahead of their time, and unfortunately didn't really work on existing hardware of the day. These computers proved that!

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