Thursday, February 10, 2005

It's been a while.

Jesus, I forgot I even had this thing. I guess the problem is I never could figure out a use for it - I'm really not a blog type of person, despite the fact that I'm on approximately seven hundred different message boards and probably write about that many posts per week. I also read other people's blogs, including some of the big ones like Engadget and Gizmodo, so it's not as if I am dead-set against the idea to begin with. I just didn't much see the point in going on at length about my daily life, as if anybody would actually be interested - I think the days when people actually found that sort of thing compelling ended when AOL mailed out its first unsolicited floppy disk.

So I've decided to narrow my focus a bit, and maybe that will lead me to post here a bit more, and maybe some people will actually find what I write worthy of actually being read.

I'm going to focus on technology. How original!

But I'm going to come at it from a different sort of angle; I mean this is still a personal blog, after all. I am a tech-head, a gadget freak, a gamer... I have a networked household with four PC's, a TiVo, and an Xbox interconnected via both wires and wi-fi, I used to work at Rockstar Games (leaving of my own free will) and I am now employed as a web producer for a company-that-shall-remain-nameless. I dabble in Linux, I build my own PC's, I am a classic video game collector. I can't walk through my living room without tripping over wires. It drives me crazy sometimes, and other times I can do nothing but wonder at the times in which we live.

I figure I'll write about my various forays in all forms of personal technology - whether it's trying to silence my too-loud PC's, trying to install the newest release on my Linux box, shopping for a new laptop, hacking my TiVo, reviewing a new video game, or conveying the nuances of buying classic video game consoles on Ebay, I'll be writing from a very personal perspective on a pretty wide variety of consumer-oriented tech-related topics. Though I may throw in some curve balls here and there; we'll see how it goes.

Next post coming pretty soon. Honest.

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