Monday, August 29, 2005

Pretty pictures!

Some of you may know that I'm somewhat of an amateur photographer. I've just started up a photo blog to show off some of my photos. Yeah yeah, I'm using the same Blogger template - I'll probably be changing the one here, actually (photos just look better on black).

Some of the photos you're going to see there were taken with my fairly new Canon Digital Rebel XT, which I'll be writing up a bit about over the next couple days. It's not like you can't find real reviews out there for this camera, but in my experience, some good old-fashioned long-term hands-on reports from end-users (that's four hyphens in five terms, if you're counting) can be both an interesting supplement and a good source of info for your research.

Look for that post in a day or two.

(Have I abandoned my four-part Windows Media Center series? Well, no, but will I ever complete it? That's a different question.)

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