Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I found these metal handprints embedded in the sidewalk down in lower Manhattan. Just one of those random New York things...

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  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Hi,there. I'm sudi.Thank you for introducing my photo blog. I really appreciate it.

    Anyway I have intention to visit NY soon. So it's interesting for me to check here. Please tell me how attractive NY is.


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This is increasingly not a blog about Alphabet City, New York. I used to live in the East Village and work on Avenue B, but I no longer do. Why don't I change the name if I'm writing about Japan and video games and guitars? Because New Yorkers are well-rounded people with varied interests, and mine have gone increasingly off the rails over the years. And I don't feel like changing the name. I do still write about New York City sometimes.


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