Monday, October 31, 2005

I'd better post this before I change my mind - I'm playing around with a new lens and thought this came out kinda nice. Just four bottles sitting on a shelf in my apartment.

If you look at the photo of the tracks a few shots down, this was taken at the same spot looking in the opposite direction. This was part of the Sunnyside yards in Queens, NYC, and at the time this area was pretty derelict. It's hard to tell from this photo (and I wish I could have gotten closer) but the trains here were literally falling over, some of the cars were derailed, and all of them were covered in graffiti. It was really pretty cool. It's only been about five years since then but this whole area now has been completely cleaned up.

(By the way, if you look way off in the distance, near the center of the photo, you can see the World Trade Center.)

I'm posting these old photos because I feel like I'm sort of stuck in a rut right now. I have a lot of newer photos that I want to post but I just can't bring myself to hit that "submit" button - the more I stare at my photos, the less I like them. I've even gotten so far as typing up a submission for a photo and then said "nah" and cancelled at the last minute. I guess it's the photographer's equivalent of writer's block. I never really intended this blog to be only new photos but instead to be a mix of everything I've ever done, but until I get over this I'll probably just keep posting some of these old standbys from my collection.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This is not the most artistic photo, but I just think it's really cute.

Friday, October 21, 2005

This was taken near my office. I work near Times Square. (Watch for the obligatory Times Square panorama shot any day now!)

I just re-uploaded the big version of this photo to my own server, so even if you clicked through before you might want to do so again to get a cleaner look.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I just liked the light on this one, and the pattern...

BlogSpot is compressing the hell out of this photo - it looks slightly better if you view the full size version, though even that's questionable. Oh well.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

This place no longer exists. It is now a grass field.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Web stats

So I've got this video game collection site that's pretty popular. And I've been keeping tabs on the stats of the visitors it gets. I thought some of you might like to see them, especially if you're thinking about putting up your own site and wondering how you should go about designing it. In my experience it's hard to come by real usage numbers for stuff like resolutions, javascript versions, operating systems, etc. on the net, so maybe this will help some of you and maybe others will just find it interesting.

These stats are over a seven month period.

Hits Browser

49609 Mozilla Firefox
30885 Internet Explorer 6
654 Internet Explorer 5
486 Internet Explorer 5.5
434 Opera 7
84 Gecko
62 Internet Explorer 3
48 Opera 6
1836 Unknown (my bet is most of these are Safari)

Hits Operating System
66297 Windows XP
6119 Windows 2000
4020 Mac Power PC
2525 Windows 98
1929 Linux
1106 Windows ME
371 Windows NT
54 Windows 95
34 FreeBSD
17 WebTV
9 Sun
1617 Unknown

Hits Resolution
42352 1024x768
15855 1280x1024
8842 800x600
5277 1152x864
2552 1600x1200
2073 1280x800
1246 1280x960
942 1400x1050
626 1280x854
544 1440x900
523 1680x1050
455 1920x1200
399 1280x768
120 1152x768
118 640x480
115 3200x1200
65 2560x1024
64 1280x720
59 1152x870
50 1600x1024
36 2048x768
33 1344x840
28 1152x900
27 1360x1024
25 1024x1280
24 1088x612
17 560x420
14 2304x864
11 2048x1536
11 1920x1440
10 1024x819
10 1050x1400
5 832x624
4 1024x600
3 480x272
3 1200x1600
3 960x600
2 1800x1440
2 1536x960
2 768x1024
2 1152x720
2 1200x900
1 1152x921
1 2560x1600
1 960x720
1 240x320
1 2560x960
1 1368x768
1 1776x1000
1 1792x1344
1539 Unknown

76335 JavaScript Enabled
7763 JavaScript Disabled

Visitors JavaScript Version
80494 JavaScript 1.6
1622 JavaScript 1.3
62 JavaScript 1.0
1920 Unknown

Hits Search Engine

(Obviously those numbers are pretty low in general because most people who come to my site aren't being referred by a search engine.)

Hits Country
36472 Network
17755 US Commercial
2788 US Educational
2757 Canada
2044 United Kingdom
1339 Australia
1310 Netherlands
901 Germany
871 Mexico
772 Brazil
728 France
716 Non-Profit Organization
505 Belgium
452 Italy
451 Portugal
444 United States
444 Finland
437 Sweden
421 US Military
273 Switzerland
243 Argentina
240 Denmark
211 Poland
173 Turkey
138 Hungary
137 Japan
123 New Zealand
114 Norway
112 Israel
104 Singapore
103 US Government
88 Austria
88 Thailand
77 Estonia
67 Greece
60 Colombia
58 Spain
58 Peru
51 Chile
48 Yugoslavia
48 Saudi Arabia
42 Czech Republic
41 Croatia
40 Malaysia
39 Malta
38 Honduras
30 Romania
27 Uruguay
25 Qatar
23 India
9572 Unknown

Hits Language
69945 English
2189 Spanish
2053 French
1740 German
1351 Portuguese
1313 Dutch
588 Swedish
553 Italian
243 Polish
212 Finnish
173 Hungarian
172 Japanese
132 Danish
129 Turkish
118 Chinese
105 Norwegian
85 Arabic
84 Bulgarian
72 Korean
72 Hebrew
69 Greek
58 Russian
41 Czech
33 Interlingue
33 Thai
22 Croatian
7 Slovak
6 Catalan
4 Slovenian
3 Maltese
3 Romanian
2 Lithuanian
2 Armenian
1 Indonesian
1 Ukrainian
1 Malay
1 Persian
1 Latvian
2481 Unknown

Surprised by the number of Firefox users? I'm not. (For what it's worth, I did cross-check with two stat counters and I also spot-checked the raw logs to make sure these numbers were correct.) Technically Firefox has around a 10% market share but it's like the whole AOL thing... sure, IE has this huge market share, but do you honestly know anybody other than your parents that really uses it on a daily basis? IE is one of those things that people use until they know better. I think if you've got any sort of site that's off the beaten path (i.e. a site that people need to look for one way or another, be it through a search engine or forum link or whatever), most of the users you're going to get will be running Firefox. So you've got to, got to, got to test for it when you're designing your site. I test primarily on Firefox and then just open up IE to make sure everything works... but my site does look a tiny bit better on Firefox than on IE (mostly due to font issues).

Some of the resolutions I see in that list are pretty interesting. 480x272 is likely someone browsing my site with a Sony PSP, for example. 3200x1200, 2304x864, 2048x768 and 2560x1024 are all dual-monitor configurations. And there's a surprising number of people still stuck at 800x600, but you know what? It's time for them to upgrade. I don't really consider that resolution when I put a site together anymore - there's only so far you can realistically go to satisfy the lowest common denominator.

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