Monday, October 31, 2005

If you look at the photo of the tracks a few shots down, this was taken at the same spot looking in the opposite direction. This was part of the Sunnyside yards in Queens, NYC, and at the time this area was pretty derelict. It's hard to tell from this photo (and I wish I could have gotten closer) but the trains here were literally falling over, some of the cars were derailed, and all of them were covered in graffiti. It was really pretty cool. It's only been about five years since then but this whole area now has been completely cleaned up.

(By the way, if you look way off in the distance, near the center of the photo, you can see the World Trade Center.)

I'm posting these old photos because I feel like I'm sort of stuck in a rut right now. I have a lot of newer photos that I want to post but I just can't bring myself to hit that "submit" button - the more I stare at my photos, the less I like them. I've even gotten so far as typing up a submission for a photo and then said "nah" and cancelled at the last minute. I guess it's the photographer's equivalent of writer's block. I never really intended this blog to be only new photos but instead to be a mix of everything I've ever done, but until I get over this I'll probably just keep posting some of these old standbys from my collection.

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