Monday, October 09, 2006

Japan - Day Six (?!)

So I'm in Japan right now. I'd meant to post a daily diary of my goings-on here, but it looks like that ain't happenin' - just too much to do, not enough time, and a whole lotta jetlag that we're just now starting to get over. So I'll do a roundup of some stuff at the end, and maybe another post or two here in between. For now, you'll have to be content with this:

Yes, geishas still exist in Japan - though real ones are not easy for an average person (and certainly not a westerner) to gain access to. These are maiko - apprentice geishas, almost as revered as their masters - and they're doing a traditional dance here as part of a show put on for Kyoto tourists interested in traditonal Japanese arts. If you wander around parts of Kyoto, you can sometimes just stumble upon maiko or geisha on their way to work. We saw a pair while walking through Gion (not these two) and missed the chance for a photo opp - but luckily we found out about this show later in the day.

I'll post more of both old and new Japan a bit later.


  1. I have never seen Geisya yet although I am Japanese and I live in Japan for a long time.

  2. Yeah, I'm sure it's rare to see them outside of Kyoto. I have never seen any in Tokyo or anywhere else I've been. It was pretty amazing. I wonder why they still do it in this day and age...


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