Sunday, December 17, 2006

Japan Scans! Part 1

Ok, I've promised to post scans of all the various brochures, tickets and other interesting documents I picked up while in Japan this past October. You want to see what a shinkansen ticket looks like? It's coming. The Studio Ghibli brochure? Scroll down. The Gion Corner program? It's here. Lots of stuff is on the way, and this is just the first round.

I'm going a little further than I'd originally planned, creating fancy PDF's and all (these are not just for you; I'm also creating backup archives for myself). So some of them are going to be large files, and I'll have to post them over several separate entries. I'll also be updating my earlier Japan trip posts with links to these scans as appropriate to the subject matter, the better for you guys and girls coming in direct through Google.

This is just gonna be a smattering of random stuff. If you want it organized and with context, wait until I plug them into the appropriate existing posts. Bear in mind the thumbnail images are just that - the linked PDF's are multi-page and have more stuff. They're also pretty big files (up to 2MB), so take that into consideration before downloading. The smaller tickets and whatnot are just image files.

Here we have an official Akihabara map, given out near the train station (click for multi-page PDF):

Gion Corner English program (multi-page PDF):

Gion Corner Japanese program (multi-page PDF):

Instructions on how the Studio Ghibli Museum ticketing system works - yeah, only in Japanese (PDF):

Studio Ghibli Museum ticket from Lawson (jpg):

Studio Ghibli Museum bus ticket (jpg)

Studio Ghibli Museum brochure (multi-page PDF):

Much more to come!

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