Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hellooooo Slashdotters!

Well, a week ago it was Slashfood (a nice surprise), and today it's Slashdot. A lot of you are coming here through my sig in a post I made related to Grand Theft Auto there, and you're probably here looking for insider info on Rockstar Games or GTA. Yes, I used to work there, but no, I don't spend my life still writing about it on my blog. I never did, either - I don't ever blog about work. Bad policy to do so.

Now that it's a couple years in the past, I may someday make a monster Rockstar post about my experiences there. But it ain't happening today.

So feel free to browse around, and maybe I've got some other posts on subjects you're interested in. But sorry, no GTA here :)

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