Thursday, August 09, 2007

PUFFY posts are moving...

Two things have been happening lately on my blog, and they're feeding on each other. The first is that I've now got regular readers coming here looking for PUFFY info, and the upshot is that I've been writing more posts about them to satisfy those readers. But it's starting to crowd out the regular content here - this is supposed to be my personal blog.

So I think everybody's going to be better served by the fact that I'm moving all past and future PUFFY posts over to a dedicated blog I've set up just for them. So if you're looking for PUFFY info, head over to You can also get to it through my profile if you forget the address and can't find this post. But I'll leave this up here as the final PUFFY-labeled post on this blog, meaning it should always appear at the top if you click one of the puffy labels on the side navigation.

The good news is this also means I'll be able to post even more frequently over there, because I won't be worrying about how weird it is to have yet another PUFFY post at the top of my main blog page.

And for those of you here who don't care about PUFFY at all, it means you won't ever have to read any more about them.

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