Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tokyo Game Show 2007 - Campaign Girls

Here's my shameless play for Google hits - Tokyo Game Show 2007 campaign girls (aka "booth babes").

A little update: I've noticed this year that some American web sites are calling these girls "booth companions", which in my opinion is kind of creepy. I think that might just be something one publisher did in a translated press release. Most Japanese call them "kyangeru", which is short for "campaign girls". Call them "booth companions" in Japan and most people are gonna think you're talking about something entirely different.

Anyway... the pics!

My wife's favorite:

Got one of them looking at my camera above, the other below:

And a cosplayer for good measure:

She looks like a pro to me - she probably does this competitively. (Yeah, cosplay is actually a competitive industry in Japan.)

If you've never been to TGS and are wondering how easy it is to get photos like these, the answer is very. It's part of the campaign girls' job. Just ask, or just show them your camera. As for cosplayers, it's what they're there for, after all. (They're really trying to get into magazines.)

Anyway, more from TGS coming soon! Although I gotta say, it was too crowded to really do much. I'm just among the public rabble these days, so I can't just come and go whenever I want. But I've still got some stories...

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