Monday, September 24, 2007

We're Home

After a somewhat harrowing flight from Tokyo, we're now back home on Long Island. We flew JAL again, and I'm probably not going to write up a flight report this time because it was basically no different than our last trip. The only exception was the turbulence, which I really can't deal with. I'm a nervous flier - I know it's the safest form of travel, but I need something solid under my feet. So any turbulence and I just sit there clutching my arm rest until it's over. And this flight was bumpy pretty much from start to finish, with one bout that forced the captain to call the flight attendants and sit them down during the second meal service.

We also made the somewhat crazy "Canarsie Approach" into JFK. Any frequent JFK fliers probably know this approach, where you follow along the Belt Parkway for a couple miles before making a hard right turn at about 500 feet to land on runway 13L. Some people probably find it exciting, but it's not good for someone who's afraid of flying! Especially flying JAL, where they turn on a nosewheel camera for landing - it looks like you're flying right into the ground.

Anyway, more Japan updates are coming soon!

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