Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cecel's Cafe Crepes - finally made it!

You may have read my earlier report on making your own Japanese crepes, where I mentioned being shut out of Cecel's Cafe Crepes. This is the one Japanese crepe shop I know of in Manhattan, so we headed back there this weekend to see if they'd reopened after their "renovations". They had - so what's the verdict?

I think the only grade I can really give is "incomplete". The place was obviously being run by the owner when we were there, and he had a sign up looking for help. He didn't seem all that confident in making crepes himself, and while ours tasted good, the crepes themselves were kind of a mess and they actually had too much stuff. They were a little too sweet and a little too floppy.

He's got a setup that replicates anything you'd see in Tokyo, and he's got the right flavorings, all fresh. (We cooked our fruit when we made crepes at home, but usually in Japan, it's fresh and raw.) He just needs some good crepe makers. I'll try this place again in another month or two and see if he's got himself some help.

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