Sunday, November 04, 2007

Guitar Hero

I made this video today to be part of a project that a guitar discussion forum I belong to is putting together, where all the members are recording themselves and taking photos of their guitars and then a guy is going to edit them together and put them on YouTube. But he's only taking the audio (it'll play over the photo), so this video's going to be lost if I don't post it somewhere myself. So, here it is! Just a quick ten seconds or so, proves I can sort of play, at least.

I'm playing my interpretation of the chorus to Chatmonchy's "Tobiuo no Butterfly". I don't think I've quite got it exactly right, but I like the way it sounds anyway :)

And for those of you who are arriving via Google, that is a Japanese (CIJ) Fender Jazzmaster, unmodified. I'm playing it through a little Marshall practice amp with only in-amp distortion applied.

Here's the original song if you want to see what I'm playing (first chorus starts at the -8:03 mark):

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