Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The 2007 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

A few people have actually stumbled on my blog this year looking for the New York City Rockefeller Center Christmas tree - instead, they find my own Christmas tree and probably leave disappointed. Well, here you go. This is the real deal.

As always, it's a beautiful tree. It's a little different this year, though; they're using energy efficient light bulbs, probably LED's. Both the tree itself and all the surrounding areas have them. It's a noticeable visual difference, though I wouldn't say it's better or worse. The light just has a little different look; a little bluer, and the lights are smaller but there are more of them.

You can also see it in the surrounding lights:

They don't have that warm yellowish tint like "white" Christmas lights usually do.

My wife and I see the tree every year. It's one of the things we did on the night we first met, so now it's tradition.

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