Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Tree 2007

This weekend is Christmas decorating weekend. We're a little late, but we just got lazy last week, and I've got a policy of not even thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. This is our second Christmas in this house, and our second tree. (Living in apartments, we never had the space before.) Here's Christmas tree 2007:

It's a little smaller than last year's tree, on purpose. Christmas trees are a real pain in the ass to haul around and set up. We just wanted something a little more manageable this year.

For my readers from Japan, that is a real tree. Fake trees are popular here too, but I won't have anything fake in my house. I just refuse. Everything in my house really works and everything is made of real natural materials, in most cases original to 1923. I have a real wood-burning fireplace, I have real wood floors, windows and furniture, and I have a real Christmas tree. This one's a Fraser Fir, just like the one we had last year.

Here it is on the context of the room:

We've also finally got some stockings over our fireplace. First time for that. I feel like we're finally getting to experience all the things normal people in this country experience every single year. It's amazing how many things you go without when you live in a New York City apartment that you don't even realize until you buy a house. Anyway, I'll upload a photo of that later - it's so homey! Feels like Christmas.


  1. That's a lovely tree!
    We had to get a fake one for the first time this year. I insisted after last year's tree debacle. The dang tree fell over at 4am one night and resulted in water, needles and broken ornaments everywhere. The tree was sort of growing lopsided and we ended up having to bungee the tree to a pipe on the wall.
    My family is giving me all sorts of grief about buying a fake tree. :)

  2. misty:

    thanks, and I hope I didn't offend with my comments about fake trees! I guess having a real one fall over would be no fun. We try to be careful; I'm totally paranoid about messing anything up in this house, I'm gonna end up someday like one of those grandmas that puts plastic over everything. So we've got this oversized tree holder and I make sure the screws are in there *tight*.

    This tree is a little lopsided too, but I've got it balanced and with that big base there's no way it's gonna fall over. My nice 1923 wood floors that I just paid $1,000 to refinish would never forgive me if that happened...

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