Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I work in a tall building in New York City. I don't worry much about most things that other people do working in a tall building, especially not terrorism - my building's practically invisible. It's totally unremarkable and would be an almost impossible target anyway (by either land or air).

But this crap drives me crazy - the video's not important here, just listen to the sound:

First of all, it sounds like "The Grudge" (or Ju-On, for you Asian cinema purists) - and I don't mean my co-worker's singing in the background. But I'm not thinking about a ghost coming to kill me, I'm thinking about the goddamn building falling down!

This isn't even that bad. When it gets really windy, it's like being in the hold of a pirate ship during a raging storm.

I know tall buildings are supposed to sway, but jesus. I'm only on the 8th floor! I can't imagine what it must be like up top.

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  1. :D start to dress like a pirate to work, and buy a parrot ;P


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