Sunday, July 13, 2008

Japanese Melon Cream Soda - USA Style

On my last trip to Japan, I had my first taste of this Japanese delicacy:

It's a melon cream soda - just a melon soda with some vanilla ice cream in it. It's AWESOME.

I managed a reasonable facsimile the other night:

That's not actually melon... but then I'm not convinced "melon soda" is really melon flavored either. It just tastes kinda green. So does this - this is a Green Apple Jones Soda.

I love Jones Soda. They're the guys that do weird stuff that makes the news like turkey flavored soda for the holidays. But they have all sorts of "regular" soda too, like cola and root beer and cream soda, all flavored with real cane sugar, not corn syrup. But then they've got sort of borderline questionable stuff like "blue bubblegum", "fufu berry" and of course, green apple. They also have a "crushed melon" flavor! But it's not green, and I went for color accuracy over naming accuracy. I guess their melon soda must be based on cantaloupe, not honeydew, so I doubt they taste anything close to similar anyway.

One of these days I will hit up our closest Japanese market and see if they've got any proper green melon soda in stock - they probably do. But until then, I'll enjoy my green apple fake melon cream soda. It's a little different than a Japanese melon cream, but it's still pretty nice.

By the way, if you're in New York City and you want to try a melon cream soda, try Hiroko's Place. You can see a picture of the one they serve at that link.


  1. Yummmmmmmmmm!
    I fell in love with melon soda while visiting Japan. As a matter of fact, I can remember my first one! It was at a punk club in Shinjuku. I don't like the taste of real melons, but I loved melon flavored treats and candies (like those watermelon jolly ranchers).
    My local Japanese market sells melon soda. I'll have to try making a melon cream soda, sounds like the perfect summer treat. Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

  2. A random query that has become slightly obsessive is the origin of the melon flavour of Midori (the drink). I google and find midori means green. OK, but which melon? Honeydew are green, rockmelon (cantaloupe) are orange. Yubari are orange. The quest for the elusive midori melon is fruitless!

  3. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be honeydew. If there is a melon it tastes sort of like, it's that. And of course both the drink and the melon are green. But it's still a pretty vague resemblance beyond the color.

  4. lol a week ago I was in Tokyo too, and that melon soda it's sooooooooooooishiiiiiii


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