Friday, July 04, 2008

July 4th is Crazy

I live in New York, where fireworks are illegal. In some parts of the country, you can walk down to your local convenience store and buy M-80's and cherry bombs by the gross. Can't do that here. Well, not legally, anyway.

But you'd never know it. Last year we were out, and I'm not sure what this year's going to be like - but two years ago I took this video and never bothered posting it until today. The visuals are not that impressive, but just listen to the sound.

That's just people in my neighborhood. It's like being in the middle of a big battle. And it goes on like this all night long. We were still hearing stuff at around 3AM.

Then you've got idiots with guns that do stuff like this.

"It's unknown how the bullet came in contact with Leon, but police said with Fourth of July just around the corner, people may be randomly firing bullets into the air."

I've never seen anyone around here doing it, but I have heard stuff that I was *sure* was not just fireworks. When you hear six or seven loud pop pop pop pops in a row, spaced equally about a half-second apart, it's pretty distinct from the random and quieter sound of firecrackers. I could never figure out where it's coming from when I've heard that, but I always want to go up and punch that person in the face. (I'd wait until they were out of ammo.) It's not like they're shooting at anybody - this isn't just on random days, only the fourth of July, but still, obviously, shit happens when you're firing bullets into the air.

Anyway, my wife is working tonight so I'm bored, and thought I'd post those videos up.

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