Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hey y'all,

After 4 years (or whatever) on, this blog is finally moving to a custom domain. I never really intended to use this thing as much as I have, so I sort of picked the subdomain without putting any real thought into it... and I've always regretted that.

The new domain will be (Remember the "blog" part - that's important.) It should hopefully start working shortly. The blog will look the same, so no worries. It should be all automatic, and the old pages will redirect, so you'll still get here from the old address.

I'll try to put out any fires as fast as I see them, but just be advised that it is possible this whole thing's gonna go down in a ball of flames. If so, I'll revert back. Hopefully it'll go smoothly.

UPDATE: Done! Hopefully. And not many hitches either - blogroll stopped working for some reason, but that's fixed. It was all pretty painless.

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