Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the tyranny of my various blogs right now, so just sit tight - I've got like 20 half-finished posts and I will get to them all. I've still got my roller coasters to get through, then a couple posts about New York, a couple about Tokyo, a couple miscellaneous bits. And that's just here - I've got other blogs too! But I'm gonna try to make this one a little more interesting for you guys. I feel like all my posts are boring lately. I'm getting old! Or maybe I'm just stuck in a rut.

I'll get to everything. I gotta learn to lay off the statcounter and stop putting so much pressure on myself.

By the way, yes that's me up there, apparently not enjoying a pickle. I'm with my friend Cheryl, who doesn't seem to be enjoying hers either and who I haven't talked to probably pretty much since then. Our matching pants are not even really a coincidence; the 1970's were all about plaid. I just felt like this blog needed a random funny picture for you to look at. And I know there aren't many pictures of people here; that's sort of a mental block I have (plus a privacy issue, I guess).

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This is increasingly not a blog about Alphabet City, New York. I used to live in the East Village and work on Avenue B, but I no longer do. Why don't I change the name if I'm writing about Japan and video games and guitars? Because New Yorkers are well-rounded people with varied interests, and mine have gone increasingly off the rails over the years. And I don't feel like changing the name. I do still write about New York City sometimes.


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