Thursday, August 07, 2008

It was 20 years ago (today?)

It's absolutely crazy to think it's been this long, but sometime in the summer of 1988, my band opened for the hardcore band M.O.D. at this little club in New Jersey called Obsessions. It was the best show we ever played, and it was a packed house. There's no feeling like being on stage in front of thousands of fans, all cheering for you. (And it was thousands, at least that night.) Of course, I laugh when I see the pictures now.

I don't look like that anymore. I do actually look like my profile pic in the top left of the blog, which was taken last October. (And I'm with my niece in the full pic, who's making the same pose - I know it looks kinda dorky by myself.)

Anyone want to start a new band?


  1. wow. speechless.

    post more pics?

  2. I dunno... I picked that one because it's all about the hair and you can't really see my face :)


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