Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet Dick Cheney Quayle II

Anti-choice, pro-gun, avid hunter and fisherperson. Sound familiar? Is that the "change" John McCain speaks of bringing to Washington?

Alaska Governer Sarah Palin, John McCain's newly announced running mate. Because no Republican has ever won without carrying the great state of Alaska! Oh, you mean that's not why he picked her? Hmmm, I wonder what the real reason could be...

Talk about inexperience. She's a first term governor and a n00b to politics. Kind of undercuts one of McCain's central arguments about his opponent, doesn't it? John McCain is old. He's had health issues before. Sarah Palin could easily be your president. Think about that. That is scary. The only thing worse than a right-wing nutcase in government is a right-wing nutcase with no foreign policy experience whatsoever. And this is what John McCain wants us to believe is his best possible choice for the country.

I think women are going to see through this. Strikes me as pretty cynical to think women care more about a politician's genital configuration than their policies.

P.S. Anyone that still doesn't think the Republicans are all about playing politics - even in the face of national disaster - need only look to the fact that Sarah Palin announced today, September 1, as hurricane Gustav makes landfall and the media are focused on other matters, that her unwed teenage daughter is pregnant. She blamed the timing on "liberal bloggers", as if she herself only just learned about it (she didn't). She couldn't have announced it next week, or last week. She had to do it today, all because of those asshole liberals.

Nevermind what this says about so-called Republican morality. If social conservatives really practiced what they preach, Palin would have declared herself ineligible for the vice presidency when approached by John McCain. This is the example she wants to set for the 100 million families in this country? I guess morality only matters when it gets you votes, huh?

If nothing else, she's a shining beacon for the benefits of abstinence-only sex education.

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