Friday, August 29, 2008

The Obama Speech

Did you all see it? Don't make up your mind about it if you haven't. Watch the whole thing below:

In a world where honesty, intelligence, judgment, wisdom and temperament were rewarded, we'd have this election in the bag. Unfortunately, this is not that world, and not that country. So we've still got our work cut out.


  1. your email calmed my nerves a littttttle bit. I'm pretty much a wreck though all because i worry too much. lol

    but i missed this speech last night (guilty of watching the tennis match bt nadal and deheart...) and was searching for it everywhere today. so the point of this comment is to say a big THANKS for finding it and sharing it.


  2. oh and its opening is the same song i have on my blog right now.

  3. Your words below the video are so true.


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