Friday, September 05, 2008


I know it seems like this is turning into a political blog lately (it isn't) - it's just that that's what's in the news these days.

Did anyone watch McCain's speech last night? For a good part of it, it looked like he was standing in front of a weird puke-green screen:

I thought that was an odd choice for what's supposed to be a slick, professionally-run, made-for-TV political event. Especially given that he's had green screen problems before.

Turns out, that's a lawn in front of a building. Someone else took this screen cap - I didn't see this part:

What building is that? It was a mystery for a while, and some thought it was one of McCain's eight or so "McMansions" (he's not sure himself of the exact number he has). That would have been an interesting choice for his acceptance speech, I think - "I accept your nomination, now look at how rich I am! Bow before your king!" But those who know this building in person finally identified it as the Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, CA.

Walter Reed - now where have I heard that name before?

Think somebody got a little trigger-happy with the Getty Images keyword search? Major faux pas!

This is now turning into a minor kerfuffle. Still playing out as we speak.

Even without the obvious mistake, is that not still one of the stranger backdrops you've seen for a speech? It wasn't any better when the scene switched to an American flag against a blue sky, which just put him up against a blue screen backdrop. Really not a very well thought-out stage. Sarah Palin the night before just went up against an all-black backdrop, which I thought was appropriate on several levels, but also not a message the Republicans would have wanted to send.

btw, this is the picture at the top of right now:

Just sayin'.

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