Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm on the job market

I'm officially looking for work. After almost 5 years*, I feel that my time at my current company is most likely coming to an end. It's my decision, but I feel like I've been left with basically no choice.

Here's my resume as a Word doc, just in case you're hiring. Note that I've obfuscated my last name and used my Yahoo email address. You can actually reach me there, I just don't want to put my "real" email address on the web for all to see. I'm also happy to provide my full name upon request.

What sort of job am I looking for? I'm currently a producer of digital media, and I'd be open to continuing down that path. I'm at the senior level in that field, and I currently manage a large corporate web site for a major cable TV channel. I'm at the stage of my career where my experience level in what I do vastly outclasses most of my colleagues'. The lack of recognition for that fact is one reason for my pursuing other opportunities. (I've told my employer this - I'm an honest guy.) Live samples of my work are available.

But I obviously love writing! So I'm considering editorial jobs too, and I used to write video game reviews for a living. My degree is in cinema studies, which is basically the art of writing film critiques. I've managed to apply that to my writing about various other things, including the aforementioned games, various electronic gadgets and other luxury items.

I also love film and still photography, which is one reason why I applied to my current employer. In fact, my ideal job would be film director minus the pressure and stress. Unfortunately, such a job does not exist. I would love to work in film again if it could actually pay my bills. But I'll settle for a stable job for a good company where I can use my creative and management skills to do cool stuff. And where I actually get paid a competitive wage.

I'm currently on Long Island, just outside of New York City. I commute.

* I started as a freelancer with my current employer, which is why my resume shows a date of 2005. That's my date of full hire.


  1. bummer. i guess you've outgrown your current position and need more of a challenge/rewarding experience for the amount of input you give, but kudos to you for making that tough decision to walk away. the fields you are looking into sound really exciting though. unfortunately I've only recently entered the work force and still looking for other opportunities (one in new york perhaps? lol), so i can't help much, but i wish you the best of luck. maybe you could start your own company? =)

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