Monday, October 27, 2008

My laptop broke

Just before going away for the weekend, I pulled the power cable out of my laptop and the little pin that completes the power connection broke off. This is literally the third time this has happened to me. Looking around the net, I'm not the only one either. Is it really so fucking hard for manufacturers to figure out that this is a potential weak point? And that you don't make a laptop power connector like something you'd expect to find in a 1970's transistor radio?

Acer, the company I stupidly bought a computer made by, apparently charges $430 just to open the case on a laptop that's out of warranty (as mine is). I could buy a new one for that, which is probably what I'm gonna have to do. But it's not like I have that kind of money just lying around.

Anyway, in the meantime I'm not sure how I can post photos or anything. So it might be a little while until I get another real post up. I want to write about my little trip, but it's kinda pointless without the visuals.


  1. That sucks. Hope to see your pictures when it's back on track tho.

    I've had my Acer Aspire 1690 in for repair 4 times already. Fan at gfx-card stopped working (got a new one), monitor stopped working(got a new one), battery stopped working(got a new one) and some other thing years ago I don't remember what was. They use 3 weeks every time to fix things.

    Luckily, we have 5 years warranty by law here, so no expenses for me. But sucks to be with a loan-pc for three weeks every time my laptop breaks anyway.

  2. Well I'm convinced that I won't be buying another Acer, that's for sure. Pieces of shit. I sort of knew it when I bought it - I bought it for the specs, not the reliability. It was a really good deal for the specs it had at the time, too good to pass up. But they obviously cut some corners on construction. I always knew it felt flimsy and cheap.

    I am seriously considering buying a refurbished Thinkpad this time. I had a Thinkpad once and it was a tank. Just got too old to even upgrade anymore, and eventually the hard drive died. I could have replaced that myself but it wasn't worth it - it was like 7 years old at that point anyway, with something like a 300mhz Celeron. I never thought I could afford another one but I see on Lenovo's web site that they now have reasonably powerful refurbished R61's for $500.

    Either that or a Dell Vostro. I'm sick of these cheap-ass consumer laptops that break if you breathe on them wrong.


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