Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Haven't really been in the mood to write anything lately. I think it's the fall, which always makes me a little depressed. I love summer, I love heat and being outside and barbecuing and even going to the beach, which I keep meaning to do more of. I hibernate in winter. But I've actually been pretty busy too, cleaning the house up and building things. (You'd be amazed how much unopened junk mail from banks can accumulate between two lazy people in three years. Two full days of non-stop shredding!) But I just haven't felt like writing.

Funny thing is I've actually got about a dozen "drafts" of posts in here in various stages of completion, none of which will probably ever go up. I spend a lot of time writing stuff that I never publish. Some of it ends up being way too personal to either publish or delete, some of it's too dry, some too long, some too subject-specific, or dorky in some way, or not "bloggy" enough, or whatever. Maybe someday I'll do a mashup of all of them and just post random bits out of each one and see if it makes any sense.

This weekend we're going to the mountains by train. Then I'll have something to write about.

btw, your bonus election video, from my hero:

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