Sunday, October 05, 2008

The VP debate

The problem with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin is that she is smarter, cuter and funnier than Sarah Palin. But she looks and sounds so much like her that in some weird way, that actually makes Sarah Palin seem less dangerous than she is. (By the way, I see the Republicans and Palin have finally found this year's Willie Horton, which brought me back to reality on the real Sarah Palin.)

But I lol'd at this video.


  1. i watched the debate and palin managed to irritate me more than i thought possible.

  2. Oh I could barely keep watching the real debate. I didn't write about it here because it's just, what am I going to even say? I'm speechless. And I'm not going to convince anybody of anything. Anyway, there are plenty of other sites out there criticizing her at this point.

    But yeah, I cringed every time she winked or gave one of her phony "folksy" lines, and when she trotted out that "say it ain't so, Joe" shit, I wanted to punch my TV. She is so unbelievably fake. Her folksiness is just for effect, it's so not real. I knew girls exactly like her in high school, but most of them grew out of it. She never did. And some people are actually buying this bullshit! That's the amazing thing.

    But I think Tina Fey here hits all these points a lot better than I could have.


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