Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December is 1970's month

Hey hey hey, let's all go back to a time of free love, baggy pants and shaggy hair. I want to talk about the 1970's. All month long.

The music. The movies. The teen idols. The fashions. The stuff I lived through and the stuff I wish I was old enough to live through. I grew up in that decade - that's me up there, in the foreground, sitting next to my brother, ready to celebrate Christmas sometime in the mid-70's.

I'll try not to duplicate VH1's "I love the 70's" series too much. The thing about that show is that it's a bunch of people trying to be funny about stuff they don't remember. Well, I want to talk about the stuff that I remember, either because I experienced it, or because I watched other people experience it and was jealous. The 1970's was a time when we all celebrated freedom, independence, and doing what we wanted to do.

I can't promise I'll post something every night. But I've got a lot of stuff saved up, waiting for the right moment. This is that moment. Can you dig it?

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