Monday, January 05, 2009

I feel a mid-life crisis coming on.

As I barrel into what I'm now forced to call my late 30's, I've noticed my style has gone into the shitter just like it eventually does with all old people. When I was younger, I always had some sort of theme to the stuff I wore and I pulled off my chosen style with authenticity and earnestness. But lately I've noticed myself wearing a lot of random looking brown stuff and old man sweaters and jeans in a style that is looking increasingly dated. And I don't like it! I need a new look.

My biggest problem is that I just don't buy clothes for myself anymore. I buy about one pair of shoes every five years, and ditto for jeans. Most of my shirts I get for free one way or another.

It's time to put an end to this situation. My first purchase:

Strangely enough, my first-ever pair of Doc Martens! Had a bit of a row with my wife about them - she's automatically against anything that isn't black. She's like an American goth chick. (She has a pair of black DM's herself.) She's been here too long, doesn't even see the need for accent colors anymore. But the point is I already have a pair of black Skechers boots, in fact I just got them. My five year boots. I'll get a pair of black Dr. Martens at some point, but I don't need them now.

Next up: new jeans and t-shirts.


  1. Excellent! Love 'em. I just got a new pair of Docs, too. I have some black ones but I found some black ones that have red roses embroidered up the sides and I went nuts. I just fell in love. I'm wearing them right now. I never mind spending a little extra $$$ on Docs since they last years. I like those burgundy ones, you just can't go wrong with those boots.

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Nice Docs! Makes me think I need to buy some. I have no idea where my old ones went.

    I love this post. I am feeling the same thing as you. My philosophy these days is to just not look dasai. I've almost given up!


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