Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Happened

So a plane crashed a couple blocks from my office today...

(Not my photo; MSNBC's photo.) Amazingly, no deaths. As you can imagine, it was quite pandemonious here for a little while. But it was a great job by the pilots to ditch in one piece.

Now you know to listen to the flight attendants when they talk about the unlikely event of a water landing! Despite what you might think, this is not the first successful ditching by a longshot. Click that link. That list is not even complete - it doesn't, for example, include this accident:

All survived that one too. And the plane flew again!

The freaky thing is this is the fourth major plane crash in eight years that I've either watched live or experienced the direct aftermath of first-hand. Most people never see one plane crash, either as it happens or afterward. It's just one of the things you learn to deal with in New York City - something most people never think to talk about. But this city is cursed - in addition to this, 9/11, and American Airlines flight 587, there's also Avianca flight 52, TWA flight 800, Delta flight 554, and a previous US Air crash, flight 5050. That's only going back about 15 years too - there's more before that.

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