Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This is a kind of victory

Geek post alert. But I have finally vanquished my most hated foe.

You see what this is? This is a set of waveforms. Beautiful waveforms. Waveforms that represent sound! Meaning I finally managed to record music in my computer.

I've been fighting with my audio interface basically ever since I got it. It worked for like a week and then quit. These things are so finicky, and Windows is hardly the ideal operating system for recording. Problem is recording is a real-time task - sound waits for nobody - and Windows is not a real-time OS. It's constantly making the audio interface wait, which of course it can't do. So I'd get like 1 second of recording and then either rice krispies (snap, crackle and pop!) or silence. This is why professional recording studios use Macs, people.

Solution? You'll never guess: Windows 7 beta. That's it. The OS that Vista should have been. Yes, there really is a difference. I don't know if Microsoft consciously tuned Windows 7 up for real-time apps or what, but all I know is I can finally record, and I didn't have to buy a Mac to do it. Yay.

I've already got two song ideas down in two nights. At this rate, I'll have my first solo album in no time.


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Awesome! I like Vista and can't wait for Windows7. BTW, when I turned off many of my startup items in Vista's Performance settings (which I stumbled upon), Vista runs so much faster. I suspect 7 is gonna fly.

    Can't wait to hear your songs!

  2. Your post making me want to try w7. Thanks for interesting information.


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