Thursday, March 19, 2009

DIY Fender Blender Clone

I have some pretty cool friends.

Ok, those of you who think Facebook is useless, check this out. (Some of you are probably reading this on Facebook, in which case you can ignore that.)

I found an old college buddy of mine on there one day, and it turns out he now builds guitar effects pedals. Which is a great coincidence, because I play guitar. And I'm a little short on effects.

(I know not all of my readers play guitar and some of you probably don't even know what an effects pedal is. Well, they're a big part of what makes any electric guitar sound the way it does.)

Anyway, so the other day I got this in the mail:

It's a Fender Blender fuzz pedal clone that he made. Wired to the same specs as the originals, same parts and whatnot (as far as I know). It kicks ass! It sounds totally badass. And it cost me nothing. Real original Fender Blenders go for hundreds of dollars... and they don't look this cool, and they're not one-of-a-kind items.

Much fun to be had with this, especially as I continue recording my magnum opus.

Anyway, just couldn't keep this to myself.


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM


    Can I ask for the contact of your friend? Or is he only building this on a one off basis?



    fakeplasticdreams at yahoo dot com

  2. Anonymous3:46 AM

    does your friend have a webpage? I'd be interested in maybe buying a clone off him as well.


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