Monday, March 23, 2009

Tonight's Project

Still got a big backlog to post!

But I'm proud of myself tonight. Tonight, I did this:

First time I ever wall-mounted a TV. Turned out pretty good, so far. I know it probably looks like something isn't quite straight - it's most likely the floor. I used a level on the TV. And it's a little off-center, but I had to mount it on a stud. No way I'm anchoring this thing in anything other than wood. I didn't hide the wires; it's pretty much impossible with plaster. I haven't found an electrician that'll even try. This stuff's like digging through bedrock.

Anyway, now I can finally play all my old Atari, Intellivision, and Coleco Vision games again, instead of just displaying them as if my house is some kind of museum. And I can watch TV while working out. (Ha!)

But I admit, I also did this:

I put my futon right up against the wall. (And yeah, my futon still has a sticker on the back that actually says "BACK". Nobody sees it, normally.) Because I don't quite trust that this thing's going to be there tomorrow. And I know if that happens that I'm probably not going to save the TV... but I'd like to save my nice bamboo floor, at least.

Hopefully tomorrow I won't have pictures of a shattered TV set to show you.

By the way, I got my mount from $11 for a tilt-swivel mount. That place is like the Radio Shack of the 21st century. All cheap stuff that you actually need.

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