Friday, September 25, 2009

This album smokes

ok, they've officially graduated from "guilty pleasure" to seriously one of the best rock bands around. I just got my copy of Brand New Eyes in the mail and holy jesus h. frickin' christ, it's amazing. Not a bad song on it, and Hayley's voice is just getting more and more insane with every album. Massive range, both in dynamic and pitch. She's got a new Joni Mitchell-esque thing going on in some of the songs on this album, which is then balanced off by some of the most amazing cathartic wailing you'll ever hear, stuff that gives you chills, where she hits a high note and you go "wow, that's pretty impressive"... and then she pulls it up even higher. And her lyrics are all growed up now.

They're streaming the entire album off their web site right now. Go check it out if you're still a non-believer.


  1. gethyn3:39 PM

    i totally agree, a proper bloody album. i think josh farro is using a jazzmaster these days too. check the live vid of 'brick by boring brick' here:

    you can tell too. BNE has the best of the emo energy without that horrible processed cheese guitar sound.

  2. Isn't that their new guitarist? It looks like Josh is closest to the camera and using his regular black telecaster.

    He has used a Jazzmaster before, though - he's using one in their video for Crushcrushcrush from the last album, though it doesn't really sound like one in the song itself. (I also thought he really destroyed that JM in the video, but then I freeze-framed it and the destroyed guitar is a ringer.)

    I still don't really like his tone, although it is better on this album than the last one. I don't think he's a "tone guy", though. He just kind of cranks up the distortion and calls it done. Usually I don't notice it but whenever the rest of the instruments cut out and it's just him, it sounds really thin. Same for any overdubbed little riffs, they all sound cheesy. But a lot less so on this album, so maybe he is doing something different. The end of "All I Wanted", where the final chord sustains for like a minute, would have been horrible on the last album - but it sounds pretty good on this one. So maybe he's learning.

  3. Hi,
    I also listen to this fabulous album.The music and lyrics are just great and Hayley's voice is magical too.

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  4. Anonymous12:51 AM

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