Friday, October 30, 2009

Synecdoche, New York

I've been neglecting this blog again - really just been too busy. I'll post an update soon, and then hopefully get back on a more regular schedule now that things are settling down a little bit.

But what brings me back right now is this special little movie that I just can't turn away from whenever it's on - and that I just finished again for about the tenth time. It didn't get a lot of press when it was released (I didn't even know about it), but it deserves an audience.

I'm sure there's something about Caden, the main character, that I see in myself. That's often true of movies like this, about conflicted male characters who seem trapped in a world beyond their understanding, and which doesn't understand them. The Kafka-esque health issues hit pretty close to home too, and the theme that "the end is built into the beginning" is something I'd begun to think about even before seeing this film, as I start to come close to middle age. We all make choices every day, and every choice we make affects our lives not just today, but forever - and the end result of those choices is inevitable.

I'm not sure this film's for everyone, but it spoke to me. Please give it a try and rent it.

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