Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Japan! Kit-Kat!


I went to Japan.  I didn't write about it here during the trip (like I usually do) because this was mostly a business trip and I really hardly did any touristy things this time, or even pop culture things.  But there are still a few things I want to write about.

First, did you know that Japan is a nation obsessed with Kit-Kat?  It's everywhere.  They don't eat a lot of western candy but they have taken in Kit-Kat as if it's their own, and not only that, but they seem to have developed it into some sort of experimental flavor testbed.  They are pushing the boundaries of what a person would find acceptable in a chocolate candy bar.  But it's fun!

The flavors I personally tried this time include, in order from most normal to weirdest (IMO), red chili, green tea, flan, soy sauce, wasabi, and corn.  Yes, corn flavored Kit-Kat.  Does it really taste like corn?  Yes!  It is... not my favorite Kit-Kat flavor.  (I had soy sauce Kit-Kat last time I went to Japan, and it's actually really good.  It's one of those salty/sweet combinations, like kettle corn or whatever.)  You can see some other flavors if you open up the picture nice and big.  Butter Almond sounds good!

We spent fifty freakin' dollars on Kit Kat at Narita Airport alone.

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