Thursday, June 24, 2010

Japan's snooty McDonald's

One of the things I love to do whenever I go to Japan (and usually as soon as I step off the plane) is head to McDonald's for a teriyaki burger and a deep-fried apple pie like we used to have here up until the health nuts started forcing McD's to turn them into cardboard.  But I was shocked to find that McDonald's Japan has apparently deigned the deep-fried pie "low class" and now only serves them in "regular" McDonald's, not the hoity toity high class McDonald's that have been popping up all over Tokyo.

Look at this crap.  It was hard to get decent pics but just look at the decor and signage.  This is not the McDonald's I know.  I got several pies on my last trip at this very same McDonald's, but it's unrecognizable now.

Both of us were actually wondering why that electronic sign only displayed messages in English.  I guess it's because English is so classy!

It's like a goddamn Starbucks!  Or worse!

I did finally get me some deep-fried pie, but it was painful finding the "right" McDonald's.  I predict that by our next trip, they'll be gone.  That will be a sad, sad day.  Japan, oh how you've changed!

By the way, I don't remember if this was at McDonald's or not, but this apparently exists:

If you guys over there need any tips on living with your newfound obesity, we're the experts on it!

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