Monday, July 12, 2010

The best ramen in the world is still the best ramen in the world

One of the things I had to do on our trip to Japan last month was return to the place that defines ramen for me: Yo! Teko-ya (or Yotteko-ya) in Odaiba.  I wrote about this place after my first visit there, and I have never had ramen that good before or since, in either Japan or New York.  (Some places come close, but none have quite gotten there.)  That includes the other Yo! Tekoya location in Shinjuku - don't assume that Japanese "chains" all have the exact same stuff.  Most smaller chains are just independently operated stores, like franchises in this country.

Anyway, it was a little different this time!  But still amazing.  For review, this is what I got on my first visit:

And this was my bowl last month:

This was that same bowl five minutes later:

I ransacked that ramen.

This was shoyu ramen, which is a soy sauce based broth.  I did not get shoyu ramen last time; I believe I got spicy ramen.  Anyway, this was unlike any shoyu ramen I've ever had - it was very rich for shoyu ramen, with a lot of marrow melted in there, and a lot of pork flavor.  It was the best ramen broth I have ever had.  And the pork!  It's a cliche, but the pork literally melted in my mouth.  I am not being at all hyperbolic.  I finally understood the appeal of pork fat.  Usually when I get ramen, the pork is kind of chewy and the fat is a big reason why; this pork was prepared properly and the fat, while solid sitting in the bowl, just turned to jello as soon as it hit the inside of my mouth.  It was delicious.

The whole thing was prepared a little differently than my bowl a couple years ago - maybe they have some new cooks in there.  But it was just as good.  You have to go to this place if you visit Tokyo.  It's in Odaiba, DECKS Tokyo Beach, ground floor.


  1. Pantill5:42 AM

    My fiancé and I are going to Japan for the first time in two months from now. I've been enjoying reading your blogs about Japan and I'm getting pretty hyped about going. I have been a vegetarian my whole life (including fish), can I eat at the best Raman restaurant? Will there be fantastic Raman for me?

  2. I have seen vegetarian ramen but I have honestly never tried it. I'm not sure if Yo Tekoya makes it or not, but it is possible to find it in Tokyo, especially in the more cosmopolitan areas. Just make sure the broth itself is vegetarian, because normally it's made with either pork or fish stock.


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