Monday, March 26, 2012

Shibuya: Japan 3/2012 Day 2

Just a quick one here - this is Shibuya at about 10PM on a Sunday night, if you can believe it:

Obviously the word "Sunday" is kind of meaningless in Japan. Sunday is just another weekend day.

Shibuya was not really on our itinerary this trip (I've been there before, several times), but I needed to buy a couple CD's as soon as I got to Japan, so I headed straight for that Tsutaya on the bottom right of that photo there. For these (among other things that they didn't have):

Two Scandal CD's to go with my now in-hand Scandal tickets for Wednesday night! I'm actually keeping these tickets in our hotel safe - they're quite valuable.

If you've never bought one, Japanese CD's are no joke. They're a major purchase. I usually try to buy the ones that come with a DVD (most Japanese CD's come either with or without one), and those run ¥3,500, or about $40. Even the non-DVD versions are ¥3,059, or about $35. But I've still got a few more music purchases to make before we leave...

(Hey, we save our money all year for this one week-long trip, so I don't feel too guilty about it.)

Coming up: guitar shopping in Ochanomizu, Haneda Airport (no joke, we went there just for the hell of it), Yokohama Chinatown, the Nagoya SCMAGLEV & Railway Park, and more!

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