Thursday, April 19, 2012


Woohoo! Finally got this, after three years of searching:

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I found this used in Japan, but it was too expensive at 3980 yen. Apparently I need to update my knowledge - this is Amazon Japan:

Gah! Apparently 3,980 was a pretty good deal. 19,800 yen is approximately $250. They have blown up since the Budokan show. Even their latest CD, which is still in print, is selling for above its MSRP (and more than I paid for it).

This is BEST SCANDAL with the DVD, which is the only format I buy CD's in anymore. The regular CD version (no DVD) is expensive too, but not ridiculous like that.

I ended up paying $20 for mine.

Mine's the Hong Kong version, so ok, not technically comparable. But it's the same content and packaging, so I don't care.

Incidentally, part of the reason I'm writing this is to tell you I have a new camera (which I took the top picture with - sorry about the slight blurriness, still learning how to use it!), and I'll be writing about that very soon.

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