Monday, April 09, 2012

Japan trip 3/2012 - the roundup

I love the blog format but it's annoying how there's no good way to organize things by tag in Blogger. (Clicking a tag just acts as a filter on the main blog page.) So now that I'm basically calling my latest Japan trip report done, here's my manual post roundup - now in forward chronological order:

And some extra posts:
I'm always a little sad to be done writing - the trip is really in the past now. And this was one of the more fun ones we've had. We did even more stuff too (I was actually there 8 1/2 days and took 1,183 pictures), but believe it or not, I don't write about everything!

If you're interested in these posts, keep checking back because next up is a top 10 list of everything I've ever done there, in 13 years worth of visits. At this point my wife and I have tried pretty much all the major tourist attractions (in Tokyo) and even many things off the beaten path, so I think it'll be useful for those planning a trip to see what's really worth it and what isn't.

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