Monday, March 11, 2013

SCANDAL at Osaka-Jo Hall

Yes, they're still a guilty pleasure of mine - if you can even call it that at this point. They are just a band I really like - it's hard to shake off the afterglow of a concert like that Budokan show! They're a great rock band, regardless of anything else.

Here they are at Osaka Jo-Hall, which is even bigger than Budokan and the arena they've dreamed of playing at since they were in school and they used to do street performances right outside:

Full concert. No HD on YouTube unfortunately, but there will be a disc, and yes, I'll be buying it. Those starting outfits may look goofy to westerners, but they're an intentional reference to their song "Space Ranger", which was the first song they ever played live, across the street. All their fans there would get it. They do change into some nicer black outfits pretty quickly.

Look at Tomomi crying during the first song.  Awwww...

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