Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vampire Cafe - Japan 2013 trip report part 3

A bunch of our plans actually fell through on this trip, so a few nights we were looking for something to do. I actually Googled "unique restaurants in Tokyo" and found the Vampire Cafe on almost every list, so we decided to check it out.

We were greeted by the guy who's probably the owner - and he was pretty gruff (but may have just been playing the "vampire" part, as he was pretty well decked out). The servers are all dressed in gothic maid outfits - my wife may have gotten a picture of one of them, but I'm still waiting for her iPhone pics. I'll update this post if I ever get them.

The restaurant itself is predictably dark and all red and black, with each booth curtained for privacy. There's not that much to take pictures of, honestly - there is one communal table in the middle, and this coffin (excuse the smeared lens):

All the food is kind of cutely gothic in presentation, in the way Japanese gothic anything is.

That's obviously the dessert menu - and sorry for the blurrycam, my picture taking skills were not at their best this night!

Our appetizers. Coffin-shaped garlic bread, which I thought was pretty neat, and some kind of sushi thing for my wife, in the shape of a cross.

My spaghetti carbonara, with a bat tortilla in the middle. (I don't think you're really meant to eat it; it's just decoration.)

And our fairly impressive dessert, complete with sugar work. I'm actually not sure how this is supposed to be vampire themed but I guess the sauce is meant to be blood. The sugar work looks like butterfly wings, though. But it definitely looks tasty in any case. I want to eat it again just looking at the picture.

We both joked about the fact that it has corn flakes in it - ever since our visit to Maid Station and its corn flake-based tiramisu, we expect that from every themed restaurant we go to in Tokyo. In this case, though, the corn flakes actually added a nice crunch to what would otherwise be a single-texture dessert.

You don't really go to a place like this for the food but overall it was actually surprisingly good and not too expensive. Our total bill for my wife and me was under ¥6,000 - about $60 - for everything, including drinks. I've read complaints from others about the prices but I really don't understand how you could spend $100 for two people here, unless that was in the days of 78 yen exchange rates (but then your complaint is not really with the restaurant).

I feel like the atmosphere is surprisingly a little more forced, and actually a little old and ragged by Japanese standards. Also, the service was really slow - even after ringing our table bell several times, we often ended up having to just grab a waitress as she walked by.

Not sure it's worth going back, but it was a fun way to kill an evening.

Definitely make reservations if you plan on going - several people were turned away outright as we were waiting for our reserved table.

6-7-6 Ginza Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
+81 3-3289-5360

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