Friday, May 24, 2013

24 Hours Plus Before Dawn

This is a B-SIDE. Yikes - I can't wait to hear what the new album sounds like if this wasn't good enough to be on it. This is how I've wanted Scandal to sound for years. I think this might be the first time I've heard a song that sounds like a natural progression from 2009's Doll, which was their first song on a major label.

English lyric translation borrowed from Scandal Heaven - it is just the kind of song it sounds like:
The end of the day that's like peeling off a scab
Is the setting sun hurting my eyes
A crow cries out that I'm a fool
The end of the day that's like peeling off a scab
Is my ideals hurting my eyes
I cry that I'm a fool

Hey, if I think about the reasons for love
I'll become an old lady before long
Hey, the reasons for my tears have swelled up
In the end there's no answer

Good, good, good, goodnight; life goes on
The spring shakes off flowers
But still, life goes on
The summer stands on top of someone's sweat
But even so, even so
I'll live on

The 24 hour plus of the night dawns and I yawn once
With a poker face on, the crow searches for breakfast in the trash
I hope that the blood coming out of my scabs stops
With my game face on, I throw yesterday in the trash

Hey, if you look for the meaning in love
You'll want to immediately run away
I already know the meaning of my tears
The answer to life is in this hand

Good, good, good, goodnight; life goes on
The fall makes hearts wander
I'll live on tomorrow too
The winter depends on warmth
Even if you're overwhelmed and defeated
You'll live on

But even so, even so
I'll live on
Obligatory link to buy this single, because otherwise what am I posting this for?

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