Friday, May 17, 2013

Mini guitars! From F-Toys and Media Factory

I love mini-things. Take anything and make it mini and it's instantly cute, but do that while retaining all the detail of the original and then you've really got something amazing. I really couldn't help but pick up all of these that I saw on my trip to Japan last month - they're just too cool.

These are all limited edition and they only produce certain ones at certain times. Right now they're doing the 1962 Jazzmaster (how could I not buy that?), the 1968 Stratocaster and the 1962 Precision Bass. People seem to snatch these up as soon as a new batch is out there, so this is all they had at any of the stores I went to.

Each one comes with a pamphlet that has info on the exact guitars that served as the inspiration for the model. (All in Japanese, unfortunately, but... pictures!) I'm not sure they're all like this but the ones I have all show an original vintage guitar on the left and a reissue version on the right, so you can play spot-the-differences.

I've since picked up a couple more! I found the Gretsch and the 1954 Strat on Amazon Japan. They have a few others too, but it's not like I can just blow $100 on toys whenever I want. (These are about $20 each, plus shipping.) Yes, the cases do work and they look like a real case inside - I have that exact Jazzmaster case, so it's easy for me to compare. Some of these also come with accessories like bridge covers and back plates. All come with straps. It's probably hard to see, but they even have real strings!

I've decided to eventually collect all of these. Quite a project, especially since it seems difficult to figure out what's already been produced, and by whom - and all are limited. What I do know is that there are two companies producing mini guitar toys - these are from Media Factory, but there's a competing line from F-Toys. The standard scale is 1/8, although there are some anime-based collections that are 1/12 scale for some reason. This is what I know exists - please help me fill in the gaps if you know of any others:

Media Factory:

I may skip the anime stuff, although maybe not because they are real guitars and you can't get some of them otherwise.

I think it'll be fun to try to get all of these!

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