Monday, September 23, 2013

SCANDAL tickets arrived!

Yup, two pairs. Original pair was on the 3rd floor - actually further away than we were at Budokan - so I decided it was probably worth upgrading. How many times am I going to get to see them? The entire point this time was to get closer at a "live house" show. Bought the second pair via Yahoo! Auctions in Japan. They appear legit, although I'm still debating with myself whether to sell or keep the original pair just in case. The show is still not sold out (uh oh) so I'm not sure 3rd floor seats are going to be worth anything to anyone.

This may be the last time I even try to see them live. I'm doing my best to reserve judgment, but despite my initial high hopes, the songs I've heard from the new album STANDARD sound terrible. Like really, actually terrible. Like, KISS - Dynasty terrible, and in pretty much the same way. A great hard rock band that may now be... something else.

KISS came back eventually, so hope isn't lost even if it's as bad as I fear. But maybe it isn't that bad anyway. Maybe the latest single, the previews and snippets I've heard aren't representative of the whole album. I've still got it on preorder, so I'll find out in a couple of weeks.

UPDATE 2: A few more listens to the new album and now I think it's actually pretty fantastic. It's like they're trying to trick everybody into listening to garage rock with these singles they're releasing. The stuff I mentioned above is not representative. (There is still one straight up bad song, which happens to lead off the album.)

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